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  1. Like most designers I have a big love of colours, colour palettes and colour combinations, actually, if I'm honest, it's probably more of an obsession. My Colour Me Happy board on Pinterest currently has 628 pins and every time I go on there I always add one or two more (at least), and I'm always taking photos of colourful things I see when I'm out and about.

    It's time I did something with all of the colour inspiration I've collected over the years so I've decided to set up my own Colour Palette Challenge and you can join in too. On the second Thursday of every month I'll post a new colour palette to work from. You can create whatever you like, whether it's an illustration, a handmade card, a quilt, whatever you like.There are no rights or wrongs here, just be inspired by the colours.

    So here is the first colour palette I've put together for you - Sugar Skiessugar skies cmyk

    I really love all the different shades of pink, lilac, blue & grey in the sky in the early evening. 

    For this palette I decided to select random objects, found from all around the studio and photograph them as a group,

    sugar skies objects colour palette challenge

    You can use what ever you like, I've used buttons, a novelty drinks straw, pens, embroidery thread, a giant rubber and a few other pieces.

    Once I'd done this I then had a bit of a lightning bolt idea, I'm not only a designer and illustrator, I am also a maker of stuff and have been all my life, which means I have a huge amount of craft supplies here in the studio, so I'll also be using this challenge to use up some of my crafty stash.

    My first Colour Palette Challenge craft is a scrapbook page

    Hermione & Me scrapbook page

    I'll also be running this challenge over on the Crafty Alchemy Blog.

    There's no deadline and it is a "Just for Fun" challenge but I would love to see what you create using these colours, so be sure to either comment or here or tag me on Instagram or Facebook, you can also use the hashtag #colourpalettechallenge.

    Stay colourful!

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  2. I'm so excited for 2018 that I can't actually put it into words, but I've got that butterfly feeling in my stomach, you know the one I mean, it's all good though, scary, but good.

    One thing I've learned over the last couple of years is that becoming really focused and being very intentional with your actions makes a world of difference when it comes to achieving whatever you're planning. This year I plan to get as focused and intentional as possible, so with that in mind, I'd like to share 3 words to help you and me to have the most productive and successful 2018 ever.

     Word of the Year 2018

    The first word is, unsurprisingly, focus.

    Focus on what it is you want to do, what is the outcome you're aiming for?

    Focus on how to achieve it, work backwards step by step writing it down as you go. Break those steps down again into smaller steps.

    Then focus on doing the work, every single day, even if it's just one little step, take it. It's surprising how quickly those little steps build up and you start to gain momentum. Keep referring back to your list of steps so that you stay on track*

    *There is nothing wrong with wandering off track a bit and your goal may (and probably will) evolve and change as you go, but keep referring back to your main goal, if you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?

    The second word is connect.

    Connect with nature, connect with others, connect with yourself. People need people, sometimes it's too easy to spend a little bit too long looking at screens of varying sizes throughout the day.

    Go for coffee and a cake with a friend, take the dog for a long walk, even just stand outside in your garden, back yard or local park, take a few deep breaths and listen to the world going on around you.

    The final word is conscious.

    Be conscious in all that you do, think before you speak, breathe before you react. Be mindful, be present, be aware and pay attention, really really pay attention, you'd be amazed at how many extra things you notice when you're actively alert.

    I'm also going to shop more consciously throughout 2018 by choosing to shop with small, independent businesses where ever possible, buying products with less packaging, and most importantly, stop buying stuff I don't actually need.

    What are your plans for 2018? I'd love to hear what you're up to this year.

    signature - saturday rock