Do Not Give Up! 3 Reasons to Keep on Going When You Want to Quit

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3 Reasons To Keep on Going When You Want To Quit

Have you ever started something then given up because it's too difficult, it's not going as planned, you don't have time? *feel free to insert any reason here*

Me too, many times and have you ever regretted that decision? Also me too so, if you're thinking of giving up on your dreams or quitting your plans please have a read of this first, these are 3 reasons why it's worth sticking with it.

1. You'll kick  yourself later, I promise you will. Just think where you'll be in 12 months time if you keep going, if you quit now you'll still be exactly where you are in a years time. *ask me how I know* 

Sometimes there is no other option than quitting and that's usually due to circumstances beyond your control and that's ok, life happens and that's part of life, and you may be able to start again as circumstances change again, which they undoubtedly will. 

But please don't quit because it's too difficult and obstacles keep getting in your way, you can totally do this and it will be so worth in the end.

2. You never know how close you are, you could be one or two steps away from succeeding and you give up and walk away. If you knew just how close you were you wouldn't walk away would you? If your best friend was about to give up and pack in their chance you'd stop them wouldn't you? You'd encourage them to keep going, yes? So be your own best friend, encourage yourself to keep going, if you feel like you've still got too far to go, just stop, have a breather, I find a cup of tea and some cake work wonders here, and look at how far you've come and what you've already achieved, quite often it's more than you realised.

If you're still doubting you can do this draft in your biggest cheerleaders, whether it's your partner, your children, your mum, your best friend, even the family pet, tell them your concerns, doubts or woes, then really listen as they tell you that you can do this. And quite often a fresh pair of eyes can see something new or different or something you haven't considered or thought of.

3. When you really feel like quitting remember why you started, chances are you started this journey to make  your life better in some way, whether that means not answering to a boss, or creating financial freedom for yourself, even dropping a dress size or two, you owe it to yourself to see this through, you may need to adjust you plan as life happens, and that's perfectly fine, just please, please never give up on yourself, you deserve so much more. 

Now go out there & get it!

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