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Now that I've finished sprucing up my website I thought it was time for an intro post which gives me the chance to say Hi if you're new here.

Hi ***waving***

 So here's a quick 10 things about me (much less snoozeworthy than a proper biography!)

1. I drink copius amounts of tea. Loads of it. All day. Love the stuff. (Yorkshire Tea being my brew of choice)


2. My favourite outfit is pyjamas and slippers.

3. I am an only child of an only child and I have an only child.

4. Aqua is my absolute favourite colour.

5. My hair colour is either very blonde or very pink, I alternate between the two.


6. I never wanted to be the princess, but I always wanted to be the witch.

7. I still have my favourite childhood teddy bear, his name is Snowy and he's possibly the most bedraggled teddy bear in the world.

8. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett.

9. I don't have a favourite band.

10. I am obsessed with lists, I cannot function without them.



So what about you? Who are you & where are you from? Share a couple of random facts about yourself, I'd love to hear more about you.

See you soon!

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